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How to Choose the Right Facility Management Company


The selection of the best partner for the facility management of a commercial property in Dubai entails a lot of courage and confidence. As the market is unknown with lot of products, it is important that careful consideration is taken to purchase a product that will help you attain your business goals. In this article, you will be knowin the basics in order to decide the top fm companies in Dubai.

Evaluating Expertise and Experience

Commercial facility management is a sector that amply desires the people who are adequately trained and have professionalism skills. Among the companies operating in the market, you need to search for those that have been able to manage the real estate assets like yours through which they have proven to be effective in both capacity and quality in terms of the size of the property, its complexity, and its sector.

High-tech companies in Dubai should have a group of highly-skilled professionals representing different expertise, and the expertise of like engineers, technicians, cleaners, security staff, and PMs should be certified. Ask about their programs for continuous education, quality control criteria, and performance. In this way, you’ll make sure that they are in tune with the latest industry trends and practices.

Besides, ask to be introduced to the big projects they have done, from little office buildings to large commercial hubs. Such organizations, whereby their operations are diversified, have an upper hand in showing the ability to adapt in a number of different challenges as well as provide exact solutions for their clients.

Discerning our range of services and efficiencies.

Of necessity, any top-grade facility management company in Dubai provides a wide range of services that will deal comprehensively with the varied demands of commercial properties. Assess their service offerings and functional capabilities and ascertain if they are compliant with your demands.

Target those organizations offering services that take care of all the sections of facilities management at the same time as opposed to getting service each of them from different entities. This inclusive approach can sky-rocket striving for performance, communication, and accountability, aiming at the best ownership overall.

Inquire about the strategy of preventive maintenance that they intend to follow, which can also help to prolong the life span of your building structure and devices while preventing costly breakdowns and unwanted interruptions. Also evaluate their involvement in a sustainability agenda like energy efficient measures, efficient waste management and use of environmentally friendly products and technology.

Evaluating the Customer Service and Communication

An important part of this collaboration is good communication and customer-focused support. Review communication systems and procedures to allow smooth information communication.

Question their reporting processes such as the frequency and extent of details provided in performance summaries, incident reports and maintenance logs. Through transparency and a proactive approach to regular communication, you can rest assured that you will stay updated on the status of your property and its possible issues will be addressed quickly.

Moreover, account for how fast they respond and how helpful they are when you reach out to them. The major fm companies in Dubai ought to have customer focused employees such as account managers or customer service representative who are dedicated to responding to your questions in a timely manner.

Ensuring Financial Stability and Efficiency are Evaluated

Whilst top quality service is a pivotal factor, cost effectiveness is also of importance when in question of opting a company for FM. Analyze the pricing structure of the company under consideration and determine whether it is within your budget and if you are getting good value for your money.

Ask for complete quotes covering the cost of each service separately so that it would be easier to compare the quotations and make a reasonable decision. Furthermore, ask them regarding their billing methods, payment term, and any unforeseen fees or penalty.

Evaluating Cultural Fit and Alignment

Along with knowledge and functional competence, you must also touch on the cultural fit and congruence between your firm and the facility management company you are going to engage. Once aligned on vision, values, and work ethic, partners can enjoy more productive and collaborative working environment.

While in the selection process, check if there are company’s culture, communication style, and if the thing with the customers service is in a good manner. The cultural similarity can ease out the interactions, truly understanding, and bring a more harmonious working relationship among individuals from different cultures.

Seeking Referrals and References

A good reference or experiences of other customers always make it easier to determine the capability of a facility management company. You can use their existing or past clients that have properties similar to the rental property you are offering. It would be useful to let them know about your property and at the same time know their experience.

Place a focus on the feedback touching upon the responsiveness of the company, quality of the work done, capability to mitigate problems, and the general level of customer satisfaction. Convincing comments from famous companies might be the cause of your conviction and help you make a final choice quicker.

Conducting Site Visits, Evaluations, and assessments.

Problem if you can turn site visits to the facilities presently managed by the facility management companies you are thinking of. Therefore, this strategy gives you the opportunity to get such companies closer by visiting their facilities directly, which in turn gives you the ability to measure their work level and quality.


Selecting the best commercial facility management for your commercial building in Dubai is a key decision that could either improve the efficiency, functionality or the whole value of your asset or it could make things worse. Through accomplishing the steps mentioned above, you will be able to decisively construe the choice and secure the service provider that perfectly corresponds to your needs.

Always consider in the last thought that, efficient facility management is a continuous process and requires continual communication, assessment and alteration. Through an alliance endeavour, your property will be functional to an exacting top fm company in Dubai’s and will afford the tenants of your property with a safe, comfortable, and even productive world.

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