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A Guide to Meaning, features, and Benefits of acurrent account.


How to open a current account?All of us know that a current account is an important need for all sizes of businesses. A current account is the best type of bank account that allows you to deposit or withdraw money several times in a day.

The different type of current account hasdifferent set of features and fits different business needs. To know more about current accounts, you should read the article tills it ends.

Meaning of current account

A business that needs to make many transactions without any limits must need a current account. The current account is used for counter-transactions and deposit withdrawals.

This is the reason why it is known as a demand deposit account. You can easily open a current account at any commercial or cooperative bank. Please apply for a Current account. Are the best choice to make payments using cheques, as it comes with the cheque allowance facility.

Features of current account

You must need a current account to start your business. A current account has come with the given exclusive features

  • The current account is not set limits on deposits, withdrawals, and transactions in a day, as a savings account does. You can perform several deposits, withdrawals, and transactions without any limits.
  • The current account holders can benefit from the overdraft facility and make hassle-free transactions.
  • The requirement to maintain a minimum balance in the current account is higher than in a savings account.
  • Send payments and receive payments in cash or cheques are made easy with a current account.
  • Along with private and public companies, and enterprises, individuals who havebusinesses can also access their current accounts.
  • If you do not maintain your minimum balance in your current account, the banks levy penalties on you.
  • Online open Current account should follow the KYC guidelines as a savings account.
  • A single business is unable to open more than one account.
  • Some banks provide interest on current accounts.
  • The current account holder should pay short-term funds or interest borrowed from banks.

Benefits of current account

  • You can easily handle many receipts or make huge payments with your current account.
  • Cash transaction fees are applied to the current account, which allows limitless withdrawals.
  • Deposits, withdrawals, and transactions made with your current account are not subjected to any limitations.
  • The account holders get the overdraft facilities with their current account to use it beyond the limits.
  • A current account gives you information about creditworthiness so that you can take a loan easily from creditors.
  • Current accounts are attractive options among bank accounts when they earn small interest earnings.
  • Businesses avail the many benefits from current accounts, like free inward remittances, multi-location transfers, withdrawal from any locations, etc.


This post covers all information from meaning to benefits that you should know before applying for your current account. It ensures smooth operations within the business through unlimited deposits, withdrawals, and transactions.

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